Smartphone, tablet and keyboard: Now get it all with Asus PadFone

In the age of gadgets and gizmos the lines between product categories are blurring. Earlier there used to be Smartphones and then there came tablets and now the war is on in the “phablet” space. Asus has begun innovation in a different direction of media integration with a product (Asus PadFone) that combines as much as three different media platforms.

The first media platform is a Smartphone created by Asus as part of this product with 4.7” touch screen and Android Ice-cream Sandwich 4.0 OS. The screen is bright and clear with metal accents adding plush feel to the device. Games, graphics, movies and images definitely appear great on the super AMOLED touchscreen. This PadFone has all the right ingredients to put up a fight with industry leaders like Apple and Samsung.

The power to process efficiently is derived by PadFone from its 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon Dual-Core processor.  The phone is equipped with tools to boot up faster in case you want it to be. The score got by this phone in Quadrant Standard Benchmarking Test is a total of 5013 points that is higher than what has been scored by HTC One X and Asus Transformer Prime.

PadFone Station:

The Padfone Station may feel to some people as inspired from the cassette players of the past. The process for connecting phone with the dock is simple and just requires a push for docking in. The ports that connect PadFone with the Pad are quite steady and hold no such risk of phone popping out unannounced in case of movements.

One negative for this never before integration of media platforms is that if you lose or damage you PadFone then both the Tablet and Keyboard is useless. Price is India of this gadget is Rs. 64999/-

Source: The Hindu

Photos: The Hindu


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