Air strikes by Israel in Gaza kills BBC Arabic journalist’s son among others

11 year old Son of BBC Arabic Journalist of Jihad Misharawi was killed after shrapnel hit their family home in Gaza. Three people in all have died as a result of recent incidents of violence between Israel and Gaza militants.

The place where these people were present was a four story building in Kiryat Malachi town. This violence has taken place after Israel killed Hamas military chief in Gaza on Wednesday.

In the past few days Israel has killed fifteen Palestine militants and also children as part of continuous Israeli operation. Army says that almost 200 rockets were fired into Israel out of which Israeli Iron Dome Interceptor has hunted down 145 of them. In retaliation Israel also started carrying out counter-terrorism operation which raised the level of violence in the region.

William Hague, foreign secretary of Britain has said, “Hamas bears principal responsibility for the current crisis”, also urging all the sides involved to “avoid any action which risks civilian casualties or escalates the crisis”.

President of Egypt, Mohammed Mursi has express disapproval of the air strikes and called the ambassador back from Israel. Many anti-Israeli protestors have also taken out rally in Egypt.

Source: BBC

Photos: Aljazeera, msn, BBC


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