Workers staging protests all over Europe against Austerity



Workers in European Union are rebelling by carrying out a number of protests against the rising unemployment and austerity measures adoption.

Organizers of the strike are asking the authorities to take back the austerity measures and tackle with the anxiety that is growing amongst its people.

The Strikes may affect Spain, Greece, Italy, and Portugal with protests also reaching Belgium, Germany, France and UK and some eastern member states of the EU.

Cancellation and rescheduling of flights have started by all the Airlines across Europe. The countries presumed to be worst hit are Spain and Greece and Airlines are suggesting travelers to check their schedules before going to airports.

The strike has been called by European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) with workers going out on their first march on Wednesday. There are 40 groups from 23 countries that have come together for this protest.

ETUC has said in a statement, “Austerity is a total dead end and must be abandoned,”

Source: BBC

Photos: BBC, Boston


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