Book on American rock band “Nirvana” out with exclusive pictures and memoirs of its records label founder

Whenever the popularity and fan following of rock bands would be taken into account, the name of Nirvana will definitely be featuring there in the top league. There is no dearth of stories associated with lead guitarist and singer Kurt Cobain floating out amongst music followers. Most of these stories are related to Kurt Cobain stuck in one or the other tragic situations.

 Pic. 1

Kurt had gone through many difficult times in his brief career beginning from shifting his musical integrity under pressure from major labels. Then he suffered from an undiagnosed stomach disorder, drug addiction and all this combined together caused early death for Kurt.



You can now read all about these experiences and more in a recently launched ebook on 13th   November titled “Experiencing Nirvana”. Bruce Pavitt who had founded Nirvana’s original label called “Sub-Pop Records” has also contributed towards the book by letting out photos and memoirs of the band that he had. The central theme of these book happens to be the 9 pictures that Pavitt took while accompanying the band on its Europe tour during fall of 1989.

Pic. 4

 Pic. 5


Source: Entertainment Weekly

Photos: Bruce Pavitt



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