Dubai Marina Birds-eye view Photograph Review

This picture is taken from facebook page of Do Dalky and the simple reason why I am sharing this with my blog readers is to absorb the emotion behind the picture.

As the picture captures details of Dubai skyline, the region is breathtaking in the picture. The light entering from left side of the frame is adding an element but it would appear more pleasant if the rays could have been captured more discreteness.

As the picture must have been taken from a place (presumably a helicopter) far above the stable ground and to stay in focus in such a height is always a challenge, we can at least  allow the photographer some leverage on the negative space and upper left corner sunlight.

My aim to critically assess the picture without looking for excuses as  I am one too and hates to be sitting at my desk knowing what went wrong and how could have I improved upon it had I assessed myself objectively and took my art a little more seriously. Use of auto focus is preferred in such pictures and having an efficient stabilizer in your camera’s image processor is an added advantage. This could bring a significant change in your final picture.

Hope this review has been of help to photographers looking forward to try their hand at aerial photography. However, photography is like an art that comes to the photographer naturally with time and zeal to learn more. So don’t be hopeless and keep trying your frame till you are satisfied with the end result.

Photos: Do Dalky


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