Yaara / My Friend (Extended)


Yaaron ki gali mein hi rahoon ghum main,

taki rahoon unki parchaeyon se ghira yun hi sadaa,

Bhulaye na bhule woh surkh pal jo bitaye saath humnein,

Karun mein aaj bhi un dino ko aaj se milane ki kosish,

Par na paida ho woh rang jo dekhe maine sang tere yaara,

Karun sajda Dekhne ko aks tera har gujarte caravan mein,

Par na paon jhalak teri kahin bhi,

jo ho agar koi gaant padi dil mein teri, toh khol kar use, laut aa paas mere,

nahin kuch mukaamal mera bin tere yaara

My Friend (English Translation of Yaara) :

Let me wander off in my friend’s lane,

So I stay surrounded with his shadows always,

Can’t erase those moments, we had together,

I keep trying to blend in those days with present till today,

But fail to create the same colors that we once savored,

I keep looking for your reflections unrelenting in the caravan passing beside every time,

But fail to get a glimpse of you anywhere,

If there is something locked up inside your heart, then release it and come back to me,

As nothing’s seems right to me without you my friend.


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