Ecuadorean film industry is growing on assistance from National Film Council

Film Industry in Ecuador is on the rise, thanks to the National Film Council that happened to establish in the country in 2006.

For Ivan Mora the dream of becoming a film-maker started turning into reality when he received $10000 grant from National Film Council to work on his script. The $600000 that was required to his make this movie Sin Otono, Sin Primavera (No Autumn, No Spring) took the director 5 years but the film industry in Ecuador is on the boom now and many filmmakers like Ivan are benefiting from the trend.

Mora’s film is incidentally part of some dozen other films that are in the Post-Production stage in Ecuador. Mora says, “The National Film Council has changed the way films are produced in Ecuador,” and “It was like night and day.”

Jorge Luis Serrano, director of the National Film Council said, “Since funds are limited, access is competitive,” and “In the past six years, Ecuadorean cinema has become a sort of laboratory for Latin America.”

Film Council works in a way where each year Filmmakers from all over Latin America meet up and decide upon films and provide them with grants. Till now more than 40 films and documentaries have received grants from the film council.

Source: BBC

Photos: BBC, Ecuadornews


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