Aakash Tablets may reach you sooner as Datawind announces production ramp-up

The news of Aakash Tablet was a music to the ears of every technology lover. Such affordability and simplicity has seldom benefitted the technology world. What made this a greater accomplishment was because of its projected use in schools and higher education institutions but the demand created for Aakash Tablet partly because of its affordable price tag of Rs. 4500.

Thanks to the recent upscaling of production capacities by way of ramping up facilities and tie-up with other assembling units was announced by Datawind. The 40 lakh (due to it being the cheapest tablet) strong bookings received for Aakash by Ubislate (Canada-Based) shall be attempted to settle promptly. CEO Suneet  Singh Tuli told Economic Times of these plans.

Its important to note that Datawind has its production facilities based out of Delhi, Bangalore, Amritsar and has the capacity of producing 2500-3000 tablets in a day.

Ubislate is taking its product further developing Aakash 2 and taking it to United Nations so that more developing countries can benefit from this technology in various sectors.

Source: Economictimes

Photos: Hindu, iGyaan


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