BBC Poll findings reveal the rest of the world in favor of Mr. Obama in 2012 US Presidential Elections

In what happens to be the latest poll on which presidential candidate’s side is the American population drifted more in comparison to the other, the answer is Barack Obama. I am not saying this folks, but BBC World Service poll is claiming it to be so, on the responses received from people belonging to around the world and not just the America’s. The findings of the poll are important as the US Presidential Election casts its impact on not just people in the US but also on those around the world.

On an average 50% people have supported President Obama whereas the other 9% have favored Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. A total of 21797 people have taken part in this poll from 21 countries.

In Pakistan however seems to be that of anti-Obama cause of the strict policies against terror in a largely fundamentally controlled Nation. The drones attacks on terror camps in Pakistan and execution of Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad is possibly behind the shift in choice. Many anti-US processions are also taken out off late by people in Pakistan against the US activities in Pakistan Airspace and rural Taliban control territory.

France though seems to be on the side of Barack Obama with 72% votes going in his favor but the ancestral nation for Obama, Kenya, the mood is flinging in support of his Republican competitor with Obama getting only 18% votes from its people.

Other agencies that helped BBC conduct this poll are Globescan/PIPA during July 3 to September 3.

Source: BBC

Photos: The Guardian, BBC

Published by Bhavesh Kumar

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