Passionate about F1? Do you have the right skills to be working as an F1 engine developer? Mercedes AMG F1 is looking for bright young professionals in its F1 engine facility

Many of us may have the liking for fast cars and technology supporting it but it has to be taken care of rather precisely to ensure that many people like us can keep enjoying the sport and has continuous improvements that keep coming in to retain follower’s interest.

It’s time for the good news now, for those who are reading this post and have the right qualification to innovate and develop F1 cars and technology they use in these speed machines. In one video posted by Mercedes AMG on YouTube, they have elaborately discussed how it’s actually for people working in or looking to work in Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains.

Every year in September, Mercedes Brixworth High Performance Powertrains kicks-off hiring for its facility and if you have the qualifications that make you suitable for this job, you can go ahead and apply.

For those who had the opportunity of working with Mercedes had said that though their job demands great commitment yet they are happy to be working with Mercedes because of the rewards and passion towards excelling that they have learnt while working at Mercedes.

If you are convinced enough and want to go ahead design, develop and test F1 engines at this facility, you can visit:

Source: Vehicle Passion

Photos: Newsrt, World News, Motoren


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