“Sons of Anarchy” actor found dead mysteriously in Hollywood

It may be hard for some to believe or maybe not due to the kind of work he was doing recently, but its right, “Sons of Anarchy” actor Jamie Lewis is no more. The actor killed his landlady cruelly first and also dies himself while trying to escape after he heard of police sirens coming towards the house.

It may take police no less than a week to ascertain the causes behind the death of 81 year old Katherine Davis who lost her life because of the violent behavior by Jamie Lewis, 28.

Preliminary autopsy was done on Thursday. The findings report were shared by Los Angeles County Coroner office which conceded that the landlady died of “blunt head trauma and strangulation,”

On the question of whether the actor was under the influence of drugs while committing the crime, LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said, “we don’t have any hard evidence that says he was on anything right now,”

The Coroner believes that the once the Toxicology results are out from the autopsy done, something about whether Lewis was on drugs or not at the time crime could be said concretely. It may however take about 1 month for the comprehensive reports on the crime evidence to come out.

Commander Smith said “After ‘bath salts,’ new drugs are coming out all the time and young people try new drugs all the time,” He also said, “That’s, of course, one of the things that our detectives are going to look into, whether he was using that or anything else.”

There is no eyewitness of the event and the Police found Davis lying on the ground, beaten up brutally causing her death, when they reached the house.

It is the man living in the neighborhood and a painter, who have told Police that Lewis tried to push them away before finally crashing on the ground leaving him dead. Police is considering turning these people into witnesses for the case.

Smith told that other neighbors told them about hearing scream of a women and sound of glass breaking.

The whole area surrounding the pavement where Lewis’s head crashed was covered with blood on Thursday. The history of the house    being rented out by struggling actors and directors coming to try their luck in Hollywood (Los Angeles) is decades old. The house is located in Los Feliz near Griffith Park on the eastern end of the Hollywood.

The officer that came to the house after receiving the 911 call from a neighbor found Lewis dead on the driveway. To him, the house “appeared to have been ransacked,” with furniture broken. Police found Davis dead on the second floor of the three storeyed building with her cat also lying beside her, dead. Police described the scene as “gruesome”.


(Above: Katherine Davis and Johhny Lewis)

The garden fountain serviceman David Thoresen, who maintained the fountain in the house for last 5 years, said Davis was a short woman at just 5 foot 3 inches tall. He said, “She was the happiest, nicest lady I ever met in my life,” and “I loved Kathy.”

Though LA police didn’t shared the criminal history of Lewis but CNN found some of his criminal history through its sources. Lewis had apparently been involved in a burglary and facing battery charges in another case in Santa Monica, California.

Lewis is best known for his   role as Kip “Half Sack” in the first two seasons of “Sons of Anarchy” according to IMDb. Lewis’s character died in the finale of second season on FX network.

Kurt Sutter, creator of “Sons” said on Twitter in a prolonged tweet, “I wish I could say that I was shocked by the events last night, but I was not,” Sutter’s tweet said. “I am deeply sorry that an innocent life had to be thrown into his destructive path. Yes, it’s day of mourning, but it’s also a day of awareness and gratitude. Sadly, some of us carry the message by dying.” and also said “a tragic end for an extremely talented guy, who unfortunately had lost his way.”

“Sons of Anarchy” is a television drama series based on a motorcycle gang and includes graphic violence. The death of “Opie” in this week’s episode, who is a major character of the show had an impact on Sutter. In his tweeter post, Sutter said, “the sad irony of it happening two days after opie’s death is not lost on me.”


TV writer Alan Sepinwall was told by Sutter in 2009 that “Johnny wasn’t happy on the show.” He also told Sepinwall “Creatively, he really wanted out of his contract,” and “We had ongoing conversations, and we decided we’d find some noble way for him to go.”

Lewis also performed in “The O.C.” during 2005-06 in as many as 9 episodes as Dennis “Chili” Childress as per IMDb. According to IMDb, the last work of the actor could be seen in an independent movie called  “186 Dollars to Get Out,” that is scheduled to be released by next month.  

Lewis also dated Katy Perry in 2005-06 after which Katy split with him to focus on her career.

IMDb biography says his name to be Jonathan Kendrick Lewis. He was born and brought up in LA and held dual citizenship of both US and Canada.

Source: CNN

Photos: Daily Update, The Twist Gossip

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