Innocence of Muslims protest reaches Pakistan

Diplomatic stations all over the world are facing the wrath of Muslim population and had to remain closed on Friday as part of a security measure. The reason for launch of protests though have another incident added to the list apart from the Prophet Mohammed denigrating movie to the cartoons denigrating the Prophet published in a French publication.


Protests over the biased movie have been fuelled yet again by the publication of Prophet cartoons in the French media. The way attacks have been launched on these installations in the past few days, the proximity of Friday prayers to the recent unfolding of Mohammed cartoons can prove to be critical.


On Friday, demonstration started taking place in early morning. Peshawar witnessed torching of two movie theatres during this time on Friday.


It took close to 90 minutes for the firefighters to bring the fire under control in one theatre whereas the fire at another theatre couldn’t be contained at all, said Nadir Shah, fire official.


He also said, “We were informed by the police that the two cinemas had been set ablaze by rioters and so we responded immediately,”


Geo TV also reported that Karachi and Peshawar also were affected by the protests.


Source: CNN

Photos: AFP/ Getty Images


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