“Innocence of Muslims” director is in custody of Federal agencies

It was barely a week of searching jobs via Craiglists for Lily Dionne when she got a call for auditioning in the action-adventure film “Desert Warrior”.

Now after having acted in the film, it is dawning upon Dionne what it all meant. It isn’t as if doubts didn’t arise in Dionne’s mind even when she was acting in the film. Dionne kept thinking that there was no convincing plot and the kind of budget that a mainstream film of this duration would need.

In an interview given to CNN the actress told that she and other actors acting in the crew were asked to should the name Mohammed which raised a question in her mind. She said that she also tried to get an explanation for this request from the director “Sam Bacile” but couldn’t get a satisfactory answer. Dionne told CNN, “I was shaking when I found out. I had no idea,” and “This was a movie that I thought no one would ever see.”

Now that she is seeing the kind of damage that this movie has wreaked, she is repenting the whole exercise.   Though Dionne knew the filmmaker by the name of Sam Bacile but she came to know of his real name from Federal agents according to whom his name was Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Nakoula is said to have a history of putting up similar fake identities in the past also to execute his agenda’s.

In view of the federal agencies, it is Nakoula itself that is behind the creation of “Innocence of Muslims” in which the filmmaker tried to project Prophet Mohammed as a playboy, clown, cruel and child abuser. Contrary to the depiction of Prophet in a movie, Islam has strict control over depiction of Prophet in movies and proscribes each such attempt to be prevented. It is nothing short of a taboo  in Islam.


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