Pakistan’s woes and India’s Expectations

India has always had a great deal to expect from the neighbor with whom it shares third largest border after Bangladesh and China. Not to mention that India enjoys a warm relationship with its other two neighbors but that is not the area of focus in this article.

For Pakistan to become a dreaded neighbor and India to start having many expectations from its neighbor it needs a complete worldview of these two countries and how these incidents are affecting both of them today.  To understand a problem entirely, determining its source must take first priority, as it’s where it all started.

Had the two countries wouldn’t have been here, the problem wouldn’t have emerged in the first place. The clash of sorts between towering egos of Jinnah and Gandhi paved the way for partition of pre-independence India. Though not much problems seemed to have exist on a major scale in the pre-independence era, yet incidents of ethnic violence did emerged from time again owing to secessionist forces that used to exist back then too.

There has never been a dearth of people desperately in need of glaring cultural differences between people for their personal, just the way there isn’t any dearth now. The secessionists’ may have grown organized in the time that past by using technology and other digital platforms too as learnt by the ethnic violence diagnosis by the government’s information technology watchdogs. The websites found to have fuelled the ethnic violence in Indian cities like Pune and mass exodus of north-eastern people working in Bangalore to their hometowns.

Though the above mentioned incident may have been the latest yet it is not the only incident to have left an impact on the Indo-Pak relations. Yet it is not the only issue to affect the Indo-Pak relations.

Pak sponsored Terrorism may have been a cause for concern for India for a long time now, yet it has not reached its high till the incidence of 26/11 attack on one of the most important locations for India in Mumbai (Taj Palace, Oberoi Hotel, Trident and CST etc.) and 2006 Mumbai blasts to name a few.

It has a love-hate relationship between the two countries till now. Where some people on both sides with partition memoirs still holding fresh in their minds, they long for that one chance to be able to visit their patriarchal homes once more in their lifetime. The conditions for minorities in both the countries have deteriorated ever since independence was granted to them leaving room for unguarded Hindus and Muslims to fall victims to fundamentalists on both sides. The problem grew bigger with constant incidents of many Manisha Kumari like incidents to occur on both sides.

For those who do not know who Manisha Kumari is, she was the one Hindu girl living in Pakistan who was abducted and forced to convert to Islam and marry the Muslim who abducted her. The situation on India’s end isn’t too bright either, right-wing fundamentalists also keep targeting the minorities with agencies like Bajrang Dal, RSS and Shivsena managing to always stay on the forefront of inflicting such miseries onto the minorities of their region. Developments like these have now started to inspire mass exodus of minority communities form both Pakistan and India.

The poor economic conditions in Pakistan are however drawing a greater number of young people to join these fundamentalist outfits. Jamaat-i-Islami (JI), the Islami Jamiat-i-Tuleba (IJT) being the two largest fundamentalist organizations also pay money to the family of the youth who execute the terror spreading plans of these outfits at the cost of their life. Though India has been demanding action on factions like these for quite a long time now, the democratic government of Pakistan has now turned helpless after allowing these outfits to grow and flourish for years. The situation today is that they have even started to harm everyday life in Pakistan making other fellow resident liberal Muslims as their targets too. Salman Taseer and 11-year-old Christian girl Rimsha Masih being some people harmed beyond measure to the cause against Blasphemy Law.

The Indian government’s stance to the Pakistan’s problem has been that of an observer and advisor without taking active part in the process. Does this mean that India can do nothing to improve its relations with Pakistan? Should this suggest the eventuality that nothing could be done to bring the dialogue between both the countries back on track? Yes, a fresh ray of hope has been enthused into the relations of both the countries with a recent development where Foreign Ministers S M Krishna and Hina Rabbani Khar made important announcements. The terrorism agenda has though assumed highest priority yet to aid in the economic development of Pakistani people.

Both the countries have also signed agreements on liberal laws for grant of visa. The special 1- year business visa and visa on-arrival for senior citizens were the biggest attractions of the event. To move forward both India and Pakistan should keep engaged in dialogue process in order to resolve their difference and extend confidence building measures towards each other so as to maintain the positivity in their relations without letting any other country to utilize their position by exploiting the differences amongst them.

Source: The Dawn, Tribune, Indian Express, Wikipedia

Photos: The Guardian, Memestreamblog, EPA, The Express Tribune, Royal Education Society, , ibtimes

Published by Bhavesh Kumar

A multi-talented professional with diverse experience spanning across Advanced statistical analysis,Python programming with NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, Seaborn, Tableau, Machine Learning with stats models and scikit-learn, Deep learning with TensorFlow, journalism (digital and broadcast), management consultancy and documentary filmmaking. Worked for the leading international news agencies on feature stories, videography, scripting, programming and editing broadcast news. A creative and analytical mindset focused on executing new-age strategic communication initiatives with all its corresponding elements (clear and coherently written key messages, marketing strategy and predictive analytics) to ensure effective target audience impressions. Also, worked on several primary and secondary market research projects (Market Feasibility Study) for businesses looking for actionable insights.

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