Fashion trends brought by “The Vampire Diaries” this fall

Leigh Leverett ventured into the field of designing with teen shows that set up the path for the future shows to follow like “Dawson’s Creek” and “One Tree Hill”.  Presently the designer is however working for the show “The Vampire Diaries” and has turned out be an experience that helped the designer for the better.

As a designer for the show, the first priority for Leigh Leverett is to show blood aesthetically in the series, since the show revolves around vampires, werewolves and witches with someone or the other being stabbed or bitten by them.

For one of the sequences in the last season of television series where all the vampires come together under one roof for ball in vampire Klaus house, Leigh wanted to give the whole scene a Cinderella like feel.

Where Caroline (extreme left) has worn a creation from Alberto Makali, Elena (fourth from right) was donning a black and gold vintage gown. However for Rebekah (third from left), it was for the first time when she appeared in a dress. Since, Rebekah’s character is depicted as one that has been around for about 1000 years and so had to have a peculiar air to it. (Pictures shared below)

In another scene where Vampire brothers Stefan and Damon are sharing a frame, both of them are clad in leather jackets. Leigh Leverett told CNN in an interview that Jacket worn Stefan is from Hugo Boss, whereas Damon’s jacket is a John Varvatos collection. The reason why Leverett gives the Vampire brothers such clothes is because of their characters trying to gel with regular people in the show. To be dressed-up like regular people helps them attain their objectives. Leigh also said in a lighter vein that the visual element of watching people donning leather garments fighting also has nostalgia in viewers’ minds.  (Pictures shared below)

On Caroline’s look, Leigh said that although Caroline has turned into a Vampire lately yet she is a cheerleader and participate in every event-planning committee back at school. Leigh further shared insight into the Caroline’s character by saying that though she may have become an evil blood thirsty creature but is still a teenager at heart that wants to look cute.  (Pictures shared below)

While discussing Dobrev and her doppelganger Elena’s look, Leigh Leverett pointed that “I like to think that Katherine saw those tan Michael Kors heels on some unsuspecting Chicago socialite and probably just compelled her to hand them over,”  Leigh also told of her decision to dress Katherine in sharp looks so as to make it easy for the viewers to differentiate between the two. (Pictures shared below)

In one of the scenes where Mystic High School organizes a Decade Dance for the students, Leigh told that human students were dressed like “a teenager would interpret the period.” The Tyler and Caroline’s look is designed keeping in mind that though one of them is a Vampire and the other, a Werewolf but they are still new to the community of the undead and this should reflect in their style too. Leigh nevertheless also tells that she likes how some of the older Vampires were dressed up in 20’s clothing in the show earlier. (Pictures shared below)

When asked about Funeral scene of Damon and Stefan’s relative in 1912, Leigh said, “Even though they are more challenging than the contemporary clothes, I enjoy doing the flashbacks most of all,”. She also told that though she and her team tries to get the best looks for the characters as they belong to the Vampire and Werewolf community but still doesn’t let the critical elements from the period go amiss.

On Dr. Meredith’s look, Leigh told CNN that both Meredith and Alaric Saltzman are adults in the television series. Alaric’s wardrobe also didn’t witness a major change even though he is shown struggling with split personalities in the show.  About Meredith, Leverett said, “a no-nonsense kind of gal and we like to keep her wardrobe simple but pretty.”

Note: The fourth season of “The Vampire Diaries” will premiere 11th October.

Source: CNN

Photos: The CW Network

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