What made Eric Daman click as a designer in “Gossip Girl” television series

You do not need to be a “Gossip Girl” fan to know the kind of the change that it brought to the fashion scene across the world. Its impact may also be gauged by the popularity gained by a particular fashion accessory instantly. Yes we are talking about the exquisite “Hair Bands” designed by Daman that are worn by Blair Waldorf in the television series.

Though Eric Daman hasn’t used the hair accessory for quite some time in the show, yet the designer is planning on   using the accessory once again after its first launch in 2007. Eric said that use of headbands was apt at the beginning of the show, when Blair used to be a high school girl however much has changed since  she got into New York University and the character evolved into that of a women from a school girl teen psyche.

Leighton Meester felt the same about use of this head gear too. (Pictures shared below)

School uniforms have also been a part of the show where Blair and Serena have worn them extensively. (Pictures shared below)

One of the designs created by Eric Daman for use by Blair in second season went so well with the audience that it instantly generated a lot of curiosity and everybody seems to be talking about the same creation. The creation was worn by Blake’s character during a fashion event in the season and is one of the best designs put together by Eric Daman in his opinion. (Pictures shared below)

The transformation for Chuck Bass during the show resulted in him shedding his bad boy image and merge into the identity of a sharp businessman instead. In one of the stories published on CNN Eric Daman told that he took inspiration from the character of Gordon Gekko and Patrick Bateman from the 1987 movie “Wall Street” and 2000 movie “American Psycho” respectively. (Pictures shared below)

Eric Daman now plans to use hats with Blair’s character. In one of the pictures shared below the actress is wearing hat from Sherel’s, shoes from Stuart Weitzman, bag from Foley + Corinna, Carolina Herrera dress and Diane von Furstenberg Jacket. The hat worn by Blair also has also been featured on the Sherel’s website online by Queen B. (Pictures shared below)

At a certain point in the show Eric mixed and matched the Jimmy Choo bag with Marc Jacobs Laptop case inside it and it soon became hot topic of discussion among fashion followers. The balance of subtle and bold was also perfected by the designer when he clad Theodora with Rag & Bone coat and Callum’s scarf.

The moment at which I am putting up this blog, Facebook likes for the “Gossip Girl” page stood at 12,301,744 likes. Few brands, celebrities or causes may have such a strong fan following out there for which the team “Gossip Girl” deserves some accolades, at least.

Source: CNN

Photos: CNN

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