Michael Duncan Clarke’s death was natural

Causes responsible for Michael Duncan Clarke’s death were natural according to a US coroner. Duncan breathed his last at Cedars-Sinai medical centre in Los Angeles. Michael suffered from a heart attack in July and could not recuperate from it till his last breath.

The Armageddon co-star of the actor, Bruce Willis said, “a great human being” and “I will miss Big Mike in a big way.”

Duncan had divulged earlier that it was Bruce Willis who had recommended him to director Frank Darabont for “The Green Mile”.

Later the jail inmate character played by Duncan in the film landed him an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actor category.

It also came to the limelight after his death that the actor was also planning on marrying to Manigault this year and had planned on having children with her too. Manigault rose to celebrity status after winning the “Apprentice” reality show in 2004.

It was Manigault who helped out Duncan during his heart attack and eventually given hope for his survival, according to TMZ news.

Apart from the huge physical appearance of Duncan with 6 feet 5 inches in height, he also commanded a great voice lending substance to characters played by him.

Although Duncan   hailed from Chicago, he also joined Alcorn State University in Mississippi hoping to pursue majors in Communication but somehow he didn’t quite like the Course and came back home instead.

Michael worked between two jobs in his heydays. In one job he used to dig ditches whereas in the other job he used to work as a bouncer late at night. As told to CNN, He was often called by the name “Hollywood” at these jobs because of his habit of discussing the prospects for being a movie star.

Michael also told CNN in this interview for promoting “The Green Mile” that his co-workers would often tease by the name of Bruce Willis and would say that Bruce is here to talk you out on a new film project.

Michael said that his co-workers may have never imagined that the kind of jokes that they making up to disgruntle him may anytime be turned into reality.  Michael however could not bear with the humiliation anymore and decided to move to Los Angeles and give his dream a shot. It didn’t quite took him long to secure a part for himself as drill sergeant in a commercial.

The part of “Bear” played by Duncan in the movie “Armageddon” was one of the significant breaks in career for which he was waiting for. He also broke out at the audition crying, saying that he wants his mum to be proud of him.

Michael Bay, Director of Armageddon was however not really impressed by Duncan’s acting skills on the very first day and was discussing the prospect of firing Duncan with Affleck. Soon things started to fall in place though when Bay tried instill confidence in Duncan and urged him to be a natural like he was during the audition. Duncan replied calmly to all the Bay’s suggestions and followed them well throughout the shooting of the movie.

Bay also told that Duncan improved his acting skills the most during the movie and soon became a favorite with everyone on the cast and crew.

Source: CNN

Photos: CNN

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