Jill Ohanneson on her “Revenge” designing experience

Mercedes Benz fashion week has much to offer to not just the prospective buyers but designers too after it kick starts in the New York this fall season. People who are really interested in Fashion now have more to look forward to with the “Revenge” television series on ABC where characters are dressed by Hollywood designer Jill Ohanneson.

By talking of the role that a designer can play in the storytelling aspect, Patricia Field from the HBO’s “Sex and the City” created history by using all her experience to take forward the story and aptly relate with a particular situation that the character finds herself stuck in via the way she dresses up. Wardrobe is not just selected on the basis of a certain setting that the character is going to, instead it has got to reflect on the emotional journey that the character is going through.

One such situation was described by Ohanesson from the 4th of July episode when protagonist Emily Throne in “Revenge” goes to attend a party with one of her friends Ashley Davenport at the Hamptons. To explain her decision to dress the girls in certain way, Jill said, “So everyone was dressed in red, white or blue. We modified Emily’s red Jason Wu dress by removing the skirt ruffles as they were a bit much for her … but the neckline was phenomenal on her. Ashley’s dress was BCBG and we wanted hers to be navy as she was the event coordinator … working the party.”

To emphasize further on the importance attached with character wardrobes, Jill says, “The clothes are really important because it shows we’re not in New York (City). It shows that we’re not in the South. We’re not in San Francisco,” Ohanneson said. “What I try to do is really place us in that particular world, that world of leisure. You know, ‘Am I going to go golfing today? Am I going to go sailing today?’ ”

One of the dresses that have been worn by Ashley Madekwe playing Ashley Davenport in the second season of “Revenge” has been shared below for readers of this blog.(Dress featured below)

Another dress that has not yet been worn by Madekwe is designed by L’Wren Scott in yellow fabric, however when by CNN, Madekwe said that she may soon wear the dress in the show. (Dress featured below)

On the dress worn by Emily during her meeting with her grandpa, Ohanneson said that it was a perfect dress for the occasion and Emily looked her best in it. (Featured below)

Designer Marie Sylvie Deveau chose a nautical look worn by Nolan Ross in one of the episodes. On the nautical theme Ohanneson said, “keep an eccentricity to (Nolan), but not make him a caricature.” (Dress featured below)

Ohanesson commented on Victoria’s look by saying “Victoria’s dress is by Roland Mouret, who always does interesting architectural necklines on his dresses,”. She also said, “Victoria’s dress is by Roland Mouret, who always does interesting architectural necklines on his dresses,” (Dress featured below)

On outfitting Chaorlette and Victoria in raspberry laced Dolce & Gabbana dress, Ohanneson said, “I had already purchased Victoria’s dress for her closet when I got the script, and I remembered that D&G had a shorter shift dress in the same fabric, which we added a ruffled cap sleeve to (for Charlotte).” (Dress featured below)

Source: CNN

Photos Credit: CNN


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