Lance Armstrong to loose titles, banned for lifetime following USADA decision

 Not long after Lance Armstrong made the world aware of his decision to stop fighting USADA against doping charges, USADA actually decided to punish the cyclist by taking away all his seven Tour de France titles and imposing lifetime ban on the sportsperson.

Experts are however questioning the USADA authority for putting any player through such extreme penalties, when it’s entirely beyond the jurisdiction of the USADA. Contrary to the decision taken by USADA, analysts are of the view that USADA findings could be used by regulatory authorities like World Anti-Doping Agency and International Cycling Union to commence trial on Lance Armstrong. To make the trial fair, Armstrong shall also be given the opportunity to put his arguments to prove his innocence before the regulator failing which he may be subjected to lifetime ban and stripping of titles.

Charges leveled by USADA against the triathlete include using, keeping, administering to other sportsmen, trafficking drugs and misleading regulators investigating doping violations.

Travis Tygart, CEO, USADA said on the move made by USADA, “Nobody wins when an athlete decides to cheat with dangerous performance-enhancing drugs, but clean athletes at every level expect those of us here on their behalf to pursue the truth to ensure the win-at-all-cost culture does not permanently overtake fair, honest competition”

“Any time we have overwhelming proof of doping, our mandate is to initiate the case through the process and see it to conclusion, as was done in this case.”

Other than the USADA stance, Armstrong too have some ground to his credit that includes creating awareness and fan following for a sport that may be really popular in some countries but is not as popular or well-paid in the US by turning it into one.

Source: CNN

Photo Credit: Business Insider


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