Ethiopian Premier and loyal US ally Zenawi died at age 57

  Meles Zenawi, Ethiopian Prime minister and a powerful leader in the Horn of Africa region and trusted US supporter is no more as announced by the Ethiopian Government on Tuesday.

Prior to the announcement, the curiosity for knowing where Mr. Zenawi has disappeared had already started to emerge on the international scene. The cause and location of Zenawi’s death still stand unannounced by the government.

Meles appeared on the forefront while trying to stop another leader Haile Mengistu Mariam in Guerrilla insurgency during 1991 and has ever since worked towards strengthening Ethiopia.

Zenawi was favored for introducing stability in an otherwise unstable neighborhood including Yemen and Somali Insurgents. However, Zenawi had also been subject to criticism for cracking the whip on press in his country making it virtually impossible for them to criticize the leaders.

Ayo Johnson, Director, Viewpoint Africa said, “He came to power at the barrel of a gun, but he made the transition from rebel leader to political leader very quickly,” Johnson also said that though Zenawi transitioned from being a rebel to a political leader yet he could not let go of his autocratic mindset.

Source: CNN

Photo Credits: AP


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