Court passes suspended death sentence verdict in Gu Kailai case

The death sentence of the Gu Kailai, wife of scandalous Communist party leader by the court has been reduced to a mere two year term because of her unsound mental condition at the time of committing the crime and her supportive behaviour towards the police in the investigation of the crime.  This was the reason given by the deputy chief of the Hefei Intermediate People’s Court in favour of said decision.

This revised judgement will be converted once again into a life imprisonment if Gu Kailai behaves well for the period of two years according to the Chinese Law.  The chances for further punishment reduction also stay if Kailai shows excellent code of conduct. Along with Gu, Four other policemen were also pronounced guilty for concealing the crime committed by Gu and her household help.

As soon as the sentence was delivered, Gu was taken into custody by the policemen. The trial on Gu and her household help was underway since the 9th August for poisoning the British businessmen Neil Heywood. According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, Kailai said, “accepted all the facts written in the indictment”. The acceptance also includes poisoning Neil when Kailai believed that the life of her son was under serious threat.

All these events took place when Gu’s husband Bo Xilai, who was head of the Chongqing city, is also underway a trial for obscurely alleged breach of party guidelines. Bo Xilai was also part of the 25 member politburo that is known to be the highest governing authority of China addressing issues facing the nation.

Gu’s partner in crime, her aide has also been awarded a 9 year prison term for helping her in executing the crime.

British Embassy in Beijing expressed their relief over the verdict with Embassy Spokesman, John Gallagher saying, “We consistently made clear to the Chinese authorities that we wanted to see the trials in this case conform to international human rights standards and for the death penalty not to be applied,”

“Our thoughts are with Mr. Heywood’s family during this distressing time. Consular officials have attended the trial to fulfil our consular responsibilities to the family and our focus remains on offering them all the support we can.”

Neither Gu nor her aide will be allowed to further appeal for review according to the court. The US state department had already expressed their expectation of guilty pronouncement by the Chinese courts as according to the 2010 data the rate of conviction stood quite high at 99.9%, making it virtually impossible for Gu and her aide to escape conviction.

On the question of her son’s fate, Gu expressed her concern by saying “During those days last November, I suffered a mental breakdown after learning my son was in jeopardy,” “The tragedy, which was created by me, was not only extended to Neil, but also to several families.”

Gu’s aide Zhang, also said that she feels sorry for the victims family and asked the court for a chance to reform herself, according to the Xinhua.

Via: CNN

Photo Source: AP/ CCTV

Published by Bhavesh Kumar

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