Win a World Championship by throwing your mobile phone in Finland

This may seem weird to some people but no we are not kidding here. There is actually a sport wherein people throw their cell phones the farthest possible distance in order to emerge victorious. The competition began for the first time in 2000 in Finland and since then has found its way into the US also.

The judges of the Finland based competition judges a participant by both the distance and technique adopted in throwing the mobile phone. Out of the different categories in competition, one category includes throwing the phone backwards over one’s shoulder and taking the best of the three attempts allowed to a participant. In another category the participants are judged over the different ways in which the participants can throw the cell phone and are judged solely on the creativity of the throw itself.

The cell phone for throwing may be chosen by the throwers in some competitions subject the condition that they weigh over 220 pounds or 7.7 oz at least. In some competitions a single mobile phone may be provided to all the participants for throwing. In US the sport is known by the name of Cell Phone Throwing whereas in Europe it is called as the Mobile Phone Throwing.

The sport is quite popular in Finland and world championships in throwing the phone also take place here. The biggest event of the sport is hosted each year in August in Savonlinna, Finland i.e. about 4 hours from Helsinki. Since Nokia is based in Finland, it may be an innovative way devised by the brand to get people to buy new cell phones every year. The organizers of the event also say that these events also help in creating awareness over the issue of recycling mobile phones.

Via: Go Scandinavia

Photo Source: Getty Images


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