Miss Earth 2012 title goes to China this year

 Miss China PR wins the beauty pageant Miss World, 2012 at the Ordos, China. Miss Wales Sophie Elizabeth Moulds and Miss Australia Jessica Michele Kahawaty finished receiving the 1st and 2nd runner-up positions. Miss China PR Wenxia Yu was crowned by the 2011 winner Ivian Sarcos and was looking stunning in the large blue colored gown.

After the top 15 contestants were chosen, the competition came to its last among the last 7 shortlisted participants from Jamaica, South Sudan, India, Australia, Brazil, China PR, and Wales.  These final round competitors were selected from 15 semi-finalists from India, Mexico, Australia, Jamaica, China PR, Wales, South Sudan, England, Brazil, Spain, Philippines, United States, Netherlands, Indonesia, and Kenya.

The event started with a performance from Mongolian Warriors, known for being the best performing art form hailing from China. During the performance, participants from a total of 116 countries were introduced to the attendees. India’s Vanya Mishra was also amongst these participants.

Jason Cook and TV host Klass Myleene were anchors to the whole event and they received a great round of applause when the anchors introduced the jury to the audience. Miss India’s was however awarded two subtitles Miss Beauty with a Purpose 2012 and Miss Multimedia 2012 at the event with Miss China PR getting the title of Miss Talent 2012 with Miss Wales being the Miss World 2012 Beach Beauty title.

Miss Sports Women 2012 was awarded to Sweden and South Sudan getting the honor of Miss World 2012 Top Model Award. Bali, Indonesia was handed over the Miss World Flag that is going to host the event next year.

Source: The Times Of India

Photo Credit: AFP


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