India after 65 years of Independence: The way forward

On 15th August, 2012 India completed its 65 years of Independence. In the journey so far, India has seen lots of ups and downs, the war with China and Pakistan in 65’ and 71’ has seen a country fighting for its dignity when it didn’t have much resources to back such an unproductive and destructive action.

However after all these years the war of independence has turned internal though. In the biggest democracy of the world, corruption and caste system has divided the country once again after it was tied together by ideals such as secularism, equality and justice for the poorest of the poor.

Social movements run by crusaders like Anna Hazare and Swami Ramdev and hard hitting awareness generating TV shows like “Satyamev Jayate” are a sign that something is seriously wrong with the governance mechanism of the country. Recent failure of the northern grid to is another example of the level of unpreparedness with which the country is headed in the age of high industrial and infrastructure development projects required by the country to compete with other manufacturing hubs like China, Taiwan and South Korea.

Having pointed all the shortcomings it doesn’t mean that all’s wrong with India. We have one of the biggest domestic markets in the world that has the potential of sustaining itself in the wake of any global turmoil. However this should not mean that we should close our economy, instead we should focus on reforms and should adopt a proactive approach in governance with a balanced approach.

Rising above the state politics of regional parties and addressing the real issues with a determined mindset is something that we should adopt without allowing any further delay to take place and nothing shall stand in between our rightful place in the world. JAI HIND!!!

Photo credits: aegindia


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