Panetta accuses Taliban of deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan

  US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said that Taliban is behind the recent spurt of violence occurring in Afghanistan. Taliban is trying to disturb the law and order situation according to Panetta because of its frustration over not being able to acquire any part of its lost territory.

Mr. Panetta shared his opinion over the question of the recent occurrence of violent incidents in Afghanistan region, “The reality is the Taliban has not been able to regain any territory lost, and so they’re resorting to these kinds of attacks to create havoc. There’s no question it’s of concern, it’s dangerous and we’ve got to do everything we can do to try to prevent it,”

The unfortunate attacks made by 31 Afghan terrorists on Afghani population is described by Panetta as an activity that could not affect in the least the dedication and patriotism of 350000 strong police and army of Afghan national security forces.   Panetta further noted, “Our forces continue to partner closely in the field, and they have not let these incidents disrupt those operations,”

Over the issue of US turning offensive towards its enemy, Defense secretary also said that the policy is definitely going to raise the number of casualties in the region.

Source: theindianexpress

Photo Source: birgun

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