Breathe in a bit of “Unknown”

Some people after attaining a certain age make up an opinion that there’s nothing new for them to see, experience or feel. But, they fail to understand the unpredictability, complexity and the capability of life to catch one off-guard. It is not for people like these that I am writing this blog but It’s for people who have once been stuck in with this idea and want to explore further the challenges that life has in store for them.  

Most people travel out of necessity, some out of want but rare are the people who travel without a destination in mind. It is people like these who extract the maximum out of their travel excursions. Travelling is not about moving from one place to another in order to reach a destination. In fact, travelling is about being in motion continuously. Be it emotionally, intellectually or physically, to try and isolate each of them from the other risks tampering with the essence of the travelling.

Travelling restores the vitality in a life. It enables one to always stay stimulating, wondering and evolving all through one’s life. To not blow my pipe in excess and choke my lungs in exuberance of sharing all I thought of in just one post, I would like to sign-off in the end, by saying “A life spent travelling, is the kind that excites, fascinates and pushes one beyond their limits, This is how each one of us should spend the days of their life to prevent any regrets later”.   


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